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You have just received a body piercing by a trained professional, but how your piercing heals is your responsibility.

What You Should Use:

Saline Solution is the key to quick cleansing. It's a safe way to remove any dirt, debris, or bacteria with out any pain or sting. Pressurized or Aerosol types are recommended because they will remain sterile for each use. We recommend the following brands: Wound Wash, Simply Saline, or H2Ocean.

We recommend spraying saline to the area 2-4 times a day for first the 8-12 weeks and letting it air dry. If your piercing is still producing crust after this time period, continue cleaning the area. Use of the solution may be tapered off as buildup becomes less frequent. Continue to clean once a day as long as you have the piercing. We advise rinsing your piercing daily at the end of your shower to ensure any soaps or shampoos are not trapped in the area.

You should avoid pools, hot tubs, and the ocean for a minimum of two months. If you happen to submerge your piercing into a body of water, it's recommended to rinse your piercing with fresh water in the shower then rinse the piercing area with saline solution.

For any oral piercing, you should rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash up to 6 times daily. Be sure to rinse after you eat, drink, or smoke. We recommend Biotene as it is the only alcohol-free and antimicrobial mouthwash on the market. Chemicals of any kind will kill healthy cells in the developing area.

It is important to eat a healthy diet and keep your body hydrated while healing.

Do NOT Use:

Rubbing Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Bactine, Soaps, Claire's Ear Care Solution, Neosporin, Tea tree oil, Aspirin Paste, or any other harsh chemicals. These products are too harsh for piercings and will cause drying, irritation, redness, soreness, swelling, and will prolong the healing process. Anything you wouldn't put into your eyes should be kept away from your piercing!

Do Not Touch Your Piercing:

Handling your piercing is the leading cause of physical and bacterial irritation. Be sure to avoid make-up, moisturizers, or any other products in the piercing area.

Occasionally the body will swell more than anticipated by the piercer. In the event of excessive swelling, consult with your piercer as soon as possible. This is not a major issue if resolved quickly. The jewelry simply needs to be removed and lengthened. Need Help or Advice? Contact Us! (760) 942-2333


Do I need to make an appointment for a piercing?

Due to COVID19, we are requiring all piercing clients to make an appointment. You can call or visit our online booking website to make an appointment. If you are unsure, it is always a good idea to call the studio to make sure the piercer will be available. Our shop number is (760) 942-2333. All appointments are made with a $5 or $20 deposit to hold your place.

General Appointment Policy

  • Each piercing service fee is charged separately, and the service fee is separate from the cost of jewelry you choose.
  • Each appointment requires a deposit to hold your spot. The amount of the deposit ($5 or $20) will come off your final total when you arrive to your appointment.
  • Rescheduling your appointment can be done through the booking website. You can also call the studio anytime before your appointment time to have one of us reschedule it for you.
  • The deposit is nonrefundable unless we are contacted 1 hour before your appointment. (See more below)
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment your deposit is forfeit, but we can reschedule your appointment to our next available time & date. (See more below)
  • All jewelry sales are final. No returns or exchanges on jewelry.
  • All clients under the age of 18 must bring 3 documents and be accompanied by their guardian. (See more below)

Appointment Cancelation Policy

You will have up to 1 hour before your appointment to cancel with a full refund. If you do not show up or try to cancel under 1 hour from your appointment time, your deposit is nonrefundable. If you have any other questions about refunds please call the studio at (760) 942-2333

What if I am late to my appointment?

If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule. We will forward your deposit amount toward your new appointment time.

Minor Piercing Policy (Acceptable ID's)

We require a little bit of paperwork for clients who are under the age of 18. Below is a list of the three forms we need to complete the release waiver.

1. Minor Photo ID

  • School ID
  • Passport / Passport Card
  • State ID Card
  • Driver's License

    2. Birth Certificate

    • Original
    • Copy
    • Photo
    • Emailed

      3. Parent/Legal Guardian's Photo ID

      • Passport / Passport Card
      • State ID Card
      • Driver's License


        What do you recommend for piercing aftercare?

        Only use sterile saline and fresh water. DO NOT use harsh chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, Ear Care solution, Bactine, Neosporin and soaps. These can all irritate your piercings and prevent them from healing. Read our piercing aftercare section above.

        How long does it take to heal?

        It will vary depending upon where you get pierced, but in general expect your piercing to take at least six months to heal completely. As a general rule you should leave something in your piercing at all times for a full year before removing it for an extended period of time. If you are concerned about your piercing, or think you are fully healed but want a second opinion, book a consultation using our booking website.

        How long do I need to stay out of the pool, hot tub or ocean?

        We suggest at least three to four weeks, but the longer the better. Any type of soaking in a body of water can dry out or irritate new piercings. You should rinse the piercing out thoroughly with fresh water after soaking or swimming for the first few months while your piercing heals.

        Can I use my own jewelry?

        More than likely no, unless you have jewelry that was purchased from our studio. We guarantee the use of the highest quality jewelry to ensure the safety and success of your new piercing.




      • EARLOBES (PAIR) - $130 5+ YRS OLD
      • EARLOBE (SINGLE) - $75 5+ YRS OLD
      • CONCH - $85 16+ YRS OLD
      • FWD HELIX - $85 16+ YRS OLD
      • ROOK - $85 16+ YRS OLD
      • TRAGUS - $85 16+ YRS OLD
      • DAITH - $75 16+ YRS OLD
      • INDUSTRIAL - $100 18+ YRS OLD
      • LIP/PHILTRUM - $90 18+ YRS OLD
      • NOSTRIL - $85 14+ YRS OLD
      • SEPTUM - $85 16+ YRS OLD
      • NIPPLES (PAIR) - $140 18+ YRS OLD
      • NIPPLE (SINGLE) - $70 18+ YRS OLD
      • NAVEL - $100  16+ YRS OLD
      • DERMAL - $100 18+ YRS OLD
      • GENITAL - $130 18+ YRS OLD
      • INSERT / REMOVAL - $5/$10
      • REOPEN PIERCING - $15+